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Greener Environment by Mercedes Canada

With great power comes great responsibility that is what the agenda behind Mercedes Canada is. The love for cars is every man’s fantasy but we do not forget the harsh effect it has on our planet Earth. Nevertheless, our concern over the environment is also close to the heart. Mercedes-Benz has a generous legacy of environment friendly awareness and valuation. They have researched extensively over the past century on the issues that relate to the new technologies. Mercedes Canada has devoted time and resources over the years in order to save the planet and make it a greener place to breathe in.

Effects of Car Emissions

Mercedes-Benz has always being the number one automobile company in the world. With great initiative like these, they are sure to pull off an amazing show. They have taken a huge step in reducing the effects of Nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide etc. as the effect of these gases are harmful for the environment. It is hard to believe that we contribute 2/3 of the world’s carbon monoxide in the environment. We all are aware of the adverse aftermath of these gases and how hazardous it is for human beings. Mercedes Canada makes sure that this does not happen as it might hamper the health of its citizen. Many health issues crop up due to the gases emitted by the cars that are as follows:

  • Cancer
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Anaemia

Other environmental effects are:

  • Global warming
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Air pollution
  • Ocean acidification
  • Acid Rain

Pledge for a Change

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned factors, Mercedes Canada has taken a pledge to make its vehicles pollution free. A giant step in this direction was the introduction of the world’s first diesel engine by Mercedes. It was the very first step in making the environment clean and free from air pollution. There are many more such dynamic steps towards this direction. Let put light over them:

  • A team of experts are in place to create awareness about the issues related to saving the planet i.e. the Think Green Team. The team is very devoted to the ‘Green Movement’ in spreading the word about the environment in all areas of Mercedes venture.
  • Mercedes has recently launched the S400 Hybrid Sedan and ML450 Hybrid SUV
  • Last year Mercedes-Benz launched its zero emission fuel cell
  • Its dealership is certified by the United States Green Building Council

Greener and cleaner environment

Tired of using the normal dirty diesel, it is high time you should change it. It was Mercedes-Benz with whose efforts the world saw the first diesel engine more than 100 years ago. Since that era the technology and advancement has travelled to great heights. Owning a Mercedes in Canada will make you feel proud, as you will be one of those few lucky ones to possess the most purified diesel engine vehicle in the country with BlueTEC clean diesel. It cannot get better than this, an environment friendly car with the clarified automotive back-up facility. You are sure to turn some heads while you drive down to the streets.

Save the Planet

The discovery of BlueTEC technology helps in constraining emissions by advancing exhaust gases through the filters of the catalytic converter. It mixes with AdBlue, a new liquid based add-on. The nitrogen oxide produced during this process alters into harmless water and nitrogen that ultimately reduces the soot and poisonous gases into smoother engine life. The performance of the engine gets a benefit by the reduction of hazardous wastes. There are three choices available, so take your pick but be sure whatever you select will the cleanest diesel engines in the world. The options available are:

  • ML350 BlueTEC diesel engine
  • R350 BlueTEC diesel engine
  • GL350 BlueTEC diesel engine

The merit of buying the BlueTec diesel engine is to have a carefree and smooth ride as it produces Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel. Drivers take a chill pill when you drive, do not worry about getting a ticket for improper pollution control checks. Mercedes Canada evokes a sense of luxury, efficiency and comfort- all in one. You also save a lot of the fuel by its high-end turns by 20-30% better fuel efficiency. A full tank of fuel can last you almost a ride back and forth from Ottawa to Québec. The efforts of thousands of men became fruitful with the invention of the diesel and the BlueTEC was the cherry on the cake that made all the difference over the past decades due to its improved combustion system. Do not compromise on quality and class when you have Mercedes-Benz to drive. The recent addition to the Mercedes-Benz family is the 2011 ML350 BlueTEC SUV that is equipped with M-class facilities giving a 400 lt-ft of torque.

The Hollywood way

Many Hollywood celebrities are going for Mercedes-Benz as they do not have to compromise on luxury or style and still feel less guilty about ruining the precious environment. Driving a BlueTEC feels like you are sailing smoothly on the streets of your country. Kyle MacLachlan and Emmy Rossum are the brand ambassadors of BlueTEC SUV. Get high on the luxurious quotient when you drive a Mercedes-Benz.

Future of Flexible Fuel

A trend seen in recent years, more and more people are switching to Ethanol (E85) fuel, as it is renewable and less combustible. It decreases the dependence of United States of America on foreign oils as E85 fuels extracts from agricultural products and corn. Similarly, Mercedes Canada is following the footsteps of the Big Brother. The new model of C300 has the option of ethanol because chic cars needs clean fuels for a smoother drive. Many people are discontinuing with the age-old gasoline due to its non-reneuability feature. Using E85 fuel reduces the pollutants by almost 15 – 70 % if compared to gasoline. Flexible fuel vehicles are much in demand these days and Mercedes Canada is leaving no stone unturned in this direction for the betterment of its customers.

New Age Technology

If you want to save up on fuels then Mercedes’s Fuel cell technology is for the rescue. It helps you drive the vehicle with electricity produced by electrochemical combination of hydrogen and oxygen where water becomes the offshoot. The fuel cell technology can run all the electrical gadgets in your car from the iPod to the air conditioner, mobiles to safety appliances. It makes the dream of a pollution free car a reality. Lithium ion batteries uses for extra storage of energy in the new model of Mercedes-Benz’s Sedan i.e. S400 Hybrid and ML450 Hybrid. It is the first car to use such technology in the automobile industry.

All round environmental concerns

At Mercedes-Benz, they take care of the overall environmental factor that affects the planet, from fuels to paints. The decreased solvent diffusion and energy utilization in the paints used by Mercedes Canada has UV hardening element produced for all commercial automobiles. Mercedes-Benz is famous for recycling its products instead of wasting precious non-renewable primary resources. They take up parts from the cars that are on the verge of dismantling and use them efficiently by recycling them in their newer range of vehicles. Thus, a lot of conversion through this process saves the environment in a big way.

Steps in cutting down pollutants

Through research and development, Mercedes has been trying to get down on the harmful emissions. With much success in this field, they are now using materials that are natural and recyclable for the past 10 years now. Some of the natural products are:

  • Use of cotton, sisal, coconut, hemp, flax is an essential part for manufacturing body parts of the car.
  • For fuel tank venting, olive pits transforms into coke that helps in active carbon filter. It also helps in absorbing hydrocarbon discharge.

In the recent time, Mercedes-Benz has worked extensively in the direction of its much-appreciated work. By recycling high-end quality, plastic into S-Class and C-Class models Mercedes has opened newer avenues in the industry and is giving a tough competition to its counterparts. Ninety five per cent of Mercedes-Benz’s materials are again used.  In today’s world where resources are few and the demand is growing day by day, Mercedes’s innovative idea of recycling and reusing its material will definitely make a difference to our lives.

Earth: Make it a better place

Keeping up with the trend of save the environment, the officials at Think Green Team organize regular events to update its staff about the role they can play in this movement.  Celebration of “Earth Week” is to impart knowledge and information about how to protect our mother Earth. Many other activities also takes place as a part of this awareness program like:

  • Get you children to office where several fun activities are done like recycling test, sale for an animal house or poster making etc.
  • Seminars and workshops conducted by PSE & G. They talk about ways of conserving energy for future use.
  • Lectures on cost cutting of energy resources

Government’s Contribution

The Government has also taken an initiative to help Mercedes Canada by issuing a number of tips for eco-driving. They are as follows:

  • Do not step on the floor of the gas pedal often as it wastes gas.
  • Use car pool to conserve fuel. Not using your car 3 days in a week can lower the effect of greenhouse effect.
  • Always follow the speed limit as driving at 65 mph will lower your fuel economy by ten per cent instead of driving at 75 mph.
  • Automatic chokes helps in warming up the vehicle, unnecessarily stepping on the gas pedal will reduce its engine’s efficiency.
  • Change the oil regularly.
  •  Get your vehicle checked every two months to see the proper functioning of the control system.
  • Do not over fill your fuel tank as it might pollute the groundwater due to leakage.
  • Save oil by parking in a shade or the fuel will evaporate under the sun.

Customize your own car

All said and done, one feature that attracts millions of customers to Mercedes-Benz is that you can design your own car. With just a click away, you can log onto the official website and select features that are desirable to you. If you are looking for a vehicle that evokes class and style, with environment friendly décor then you should most definitely log on to their site. If you do not like anything, you still have an option of replacing it with recycled material. From gadgets to accessories everything is available that personifies save the planet Earth. For those seeking for an affordable buy they must consider this option as here by customizing the vehicle will save some cash. You can choose the engine that emits low carbon oxide or go for reused plastic interiors. Add an extra feature or delete the ones you do not want. The Car dealers at Mercedes Canada are well equipped to guide you on this matter if you need some expert advice. Do not go with what your local garage mechanic says, though he might be experienced but lacks exposure to the automobile industry with all its new advancements and discoveries.

Environmental consciousness has gained momentum over the past few years. Mercedes has introduced techniques through which most of the parts of the vehicle is used but it does not affect the performance of the car. The way the vehicle built to its on-road efficiency is all in place like in any other model or brand of automobiles. Mercedes Canada has taken its commitment to the ‘Small Blue Planet’ very seriously. The leader in automobile industry, Mercedes has lived up to its name. They are building a future that is safer and cleaner for all of us. Their research and development team is working hard to make sure that you have a safe ride home.

Drive home a Mercedes-Benz to feel like a royal yet doing your bit for saving the environment from the clutches of pollution and global warming. Nothing less than this is acceptable out of Mercedes Canada.